Free Your Edge.

Edge Risers are a new type of snowboard binding accessory that raises your boot and binding above the board, increases leverage to your edges, reduces toe and heel drag and lets riders with larger feet use a narrower board with a quicker edge to edge response!


  • Increases Leverage

    Edge risers increase your leverage over your board, allowing pressure to transfer more directly to the edges for seriously responsive carving.

  • Helps those with large feet

    With Edge Risers, people with larger feet can get the most out of their board, without bothersome toe or heel drag. You can finally use narrow model boards with ease.

  • Stops toe and heel drag

    Our Edge Risers provides 20 mm [apox. 3/4 inch] of lift which give you, the rider, significant toe and heel clearance to avoid drag when edging.

  • Easy to use

    The Edge Risers are easy and fast to install. No drilling or modification of board or binding is necessary. You can install them yourself in less than 5 minutes using standard tools.

  • Light weight

    Edge Risers weigh in at about 5 oz. Extra performance doesn't have to come with extra weight.

  • Made in the USA

    The Edge Risers were made entirely in the United States of America. Designed in San Francisco, fabricated in Colorado. Meet Us

  • Durable

    The Edge Risers are made of the same high strength polycarbonate plastic used in aerospace applications and bulletproof walls, and cross-hatched for extra rigidity.

  • Better board flex

    Edge Risers' smaller platform surface allows a more natural board flex, since your foot no longer interferes with the board's torquing forces.


Select your binding type

Edge Risers are compatible with your binding system of choice. There are two models of Edge Risers to fit your needs. Check whether your board uses a Standard or Burton style binding and select the right Edge Riser for your rig.

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Who We Are

ericks and papa stralls, proprietors of eriser

Val Strals is the proud owner of the plastic injection mold machining company Horizon Precision Machining Inc. Val has been machining parts and making molds for over 35 years. He works with a range of clients, ranging from large aerospace engineering companies to local inventors needing help getting started with the machining and molding process.

Eriks Strals is a creative software engineer and technologist who has been working in the tech and games industry for more than 6 years.

Together, Val and Eriks have been snowboarding for over 20 years and working on the Edge Risers for the last 5 years, trying to get them out to the world and in the hands of the snowboarders who need them.

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